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Mahal Architects

Mahal has been an architectural partnership since 2013 and tried to reproduce its architecture as a discipline which includes the discussion of the international thoughts of architecture and the use of them for designing the local parts. Mahal is aware of that every architectural product has a collective process; the products transform to a different form by interactions with the producers and users who pass around them. Also, it takes care of making architecture accessible for everyone.

Co-founders, Simge Balcı and Pınar Bayraktar at Istanbul-Kadıköy office, Burcu Tüm at international projects, embrace the architecture as a way of life. Mahal attaches importance to create innovative and technological solutions, which are friendly to people, environment and city while regarding the parameters of suitability with location, user, function, aesthetic, time and application cost.  It works with different partners from different disciplines that come together for this aim and develop architectural projects, interior design and restoration projects.